Struggling to cope with the aftermath of a toxic relationship?


Hi my name is Mel.

I am a therapist and I specialise in helping people identify and recover from toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse.

Do you sometimes feel anxious, stressed, depressed, confused?

Are you having relationship difficulties which you are struggling to understand or deal with. Perhaps you are in a relationship with a partner, ex partner, friend, work colleague or parent that leaves you feeling anxious and confused after spending time with them.

Someone in a toxic relationship might have: anxiety, depression, low self esteem, low self worth, doubt their perception of events, feel very confused, second guess themselves, struggle to make decisions, struggle to trust their gut instinct, feel like whatever they do is never good enough, worry that they are too sensitive, wonder why people seem to walk all over them, can’t seem to say no to others, can’t seem to enjoy their lives, and they know that something is wrong but they can’t explain what it is.

Realising that someone we love might have emotionally abused us can come as a shock and it can be very painful. Not many people realise that being in a toxic relationship can leave them with PTSD type symptoms, and often difficulties like anxiety and low self esteem can become a problem for them due to the relationship and being in regular contact with a toxic individual. Anyone can experience a toxic relationship and it could be a relationship with anyone including a partner, ex partner, parent, friend or work colleague.

I know from personal experience how liberating and life changing it can be when you finally discover that the way you felt about yourself was actually caused by being in a relationship with a toxic person. Once you understand that the negative thoughts and feelings you have been carrying around with you for some time were deliberately put there by someone else, you can hand them back and start to learn a new way of living your life.

If any of this sounds familiar to you and you would like to explore it further, please get in touch and let’s talk about it.


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