Every time someone completes the program I ask them if they would like to write an anonymous testimonial so I can put it on my website to help me reach other people that would benefit from doing the program.

I found Mel’s website online after looking for someone who specialises in narcissistic abuse. I have had therapy a couple of times before but felt it had never fully got to the bottom of what was causing my mental health issues. I have just completed the 6 week program and it was amazing! The course gave a great insight into Narcissism as well as giving brilliant techniques and tools. It’s clear that Mel is a specialist when it comes to narcissistic abuse and this comes through in her calm and empathetic approach to the program. I would not hesitate in recommending the program to anyone who has suffered narcissistic abuse.

I had tried CBT in the past, and some holistic therapies, but I had never completely understood what was wrong with me, and I knew there was something terribly wrong with the way I felt a lot of the time. I knew I’d experienced enormous emotional and mental distress throughout my childhood, teens and into my adulthood, and I knew that my mother wasn’t like other mother’s, or myself as a parent. Spending any time, or even having a short interaction with her, could leave me feeling ‘desolate’. I’m 46 year’s old, and still I was blaming myself and trying to give her the ‘benefit of the doubt’. I was dubious about therapy as it hadn’t worked for me in the past, and I honestly thought I was a bit of a lost cause. I just hadn’t had the right therapy though. I’m so glad I discovered Mel, and will always be grateful to her for the amazing work she does. The program is so informative, an eye opening education!  I found it painful and challenging at times, and I needed to give myself a lot of time to read and to process things. I’m so glad I did though. Gaining understanding of the Narcissistic personality disorder, and how this impacts their children, is the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. Mel is lovely, really easy to be open and relaxed with, and she gave me the  tools and resources I need to continue to heal myself. 

‘I went to see Mel to do the six session program. It literally changed my life! I have emerged from the program feeling confident and empowered and able to stop people taking advantage of me. I really would recommend both Mel and the program.’

I embarked on Mel’s six week course on dealing with narcissism after looking online to try and find someone who understood about this particular area. I have tried other therapy in the past, and while fairly  helpful I didn’t find that the therapist understood this particular (crucial) issue well. However-Mel does. Her 6 week course was absolutely jam packed with information. I really only feel that I have scratched the surface as there is so much to learn. Mel is very calm and kind- completely non judgemental and very easy to talk to. She took me through 6 semi-structured sessions which still had plenty of time for discussion and questions about things that had happened to me. It went very fast- but there is also an opportunity for a Facebook support forum afterwards which makes it easier at the end. I am very grateful that I found  Mel- and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone struggling with issues around a narcissistic parent (past or present). Thank you! 

‘If you had told me 6 weeks ago that I could improve a life time of depression and feeling ‘not right’ without spending thousands of pounds and thousands of hours I would have told you that you were crazy. Mel and her program have been able to achieve that in just 6 weeks. As a child of a narcissistic parent, you grow up questioning every aspect of yourself – this program has finally answered all of my questions. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance at life and my only regret is not finding this sooner.’

‘Going to see Mel is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel stronger every time I see her.’

‘The field of toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse is an under resourced field. To have someone like Mel is amazing. I find her to be knowledgeable, empathic, and have a nurturing manner in which she enables her clients to explore this exceptionally difficult and challenging area.’

‘When I first spoke to Mel in our initial phone call, I got a great sense of calm and patience from her. I have been battling with issues for my whole life, all of which have been as a result of growing up in a toxic, narcissistic environment. Mel quickly assessed whether the recovery program would be useful for me, and if my circumstances made me a good fit for this type of help. She assured me it would suit me and that it would be eye-opening, perhaps painful at times, but totally life-changing. At the age of late 40’s, I have battled demons most of my life and always felt like something was wrong, I always felt like I was damaged and things were always my fault. Since doing the 6-week program, I have been able to recognise why I felt like this, where it initiated and how I was dealing with it in every day life, and where I was making mistakes for healing myself. Mel was very calm and patient, as initially thought, and I felt completely at ease talking to her during the lessons. It didn’t feel like a traditional counselling environment, which can feel quite raw and overwhelming most of the time. This was gentle and deeply explanatory and there was always the option to relate anything in the lessons to my own experiences. I absolutely recommend Mel if you are looking for a way to begin your recovery from narcissistic parenting (or other) as it empowers you to do the vital work yourself, giving you a sense of independence and feel stronger about everything in general. I am sure my journey is not over, I still have a lot of work to do to heal and protect myself, but this is a really fantastic foundation to getting on the right path. I felt completely lost before, most of my life. I felt out of control, to blame, useless, codependent, highly insecure and completely confused about my identity. The 6-week NPRP has completely changed my outlook, and therefore, my life. It is the best investment in myself I have ever made, and I am looking forward to continuing this journey.’

‘I feel like a computer that’s had a new anti-virus fitted.’

‘The field of toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse is an under resourced field. To have someone like Mel is amazing. I find her to be knowledgeable, empathic, and have a nurturing manner in which she enables her clients to explore this exceptionally difficult and challenging area.’

‘I cannot express fully in words the value of Mel’s Narcissistic Parent Recovery Program! After over 20 years of bouncing in and out of depression and anxiety, I approached Mel in crisis after realising the true extent this was having on my daughter. The six week program has offered me validation, education, support and hope for the future. I feel like the world was in 2D before and now I can see it and interact with it noticing all its depth and colour, dark and light. I have engaged in many forms of therapy before and this has been by far the most effective. Mel I cannot thank you enough this has not only changed my future but also that of my siblings and my daughter.’

‘I am so happy that I found Mel! There was a before and an after Mel’s 6-week narcissistic parent recovery program. I learnt so much! She helped me open my eyes and realise that my father is a narcissist. I was able to stop blaming myself and regained my self esteem and freedom. I now feel much stronger and able to continue with my life.’

‘Mel is a rare treasure.  I have been with her now for nearly one year and my journey has been the most empowering of my 52 years yet.  She helped me understand what narcissists are, how they operate, the techniques they use and most importantly how I can heal myself from the years of ongoing trauma that left so many scars in their wake.  Mel is a must for anyone who suffers from a toxic relationship with a close relative or partner. Make an appointment now!’