People often wonder what counselling will be like and what to expect, so I have answered some common questions here:

How can I book a session with you?

Please click on either the email address or phone number above. I look forward to hearing from you and please leave me a voicemail if I can’t answer the phone and I will get back to you asap.

How much do you charge?

£45 per 60 minute counselling session

£65 per 90 minute counselling session

Do you offer an introductory session?

I offer a free initial telephone appointment and this is to see: what you would like from counselling, if I can help you, if counselling is right for you, and you ask me any questions you might have.

I know how scary it is to make that first call. Please don’t worry as this is a very informal chat. I’ll make sure it’s not scary.

What if I need to miss a session?

You can let me know during a session or by phone or email. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so if a session is cancelled by a client with less that 24 hours notice then half the session fee would be payable.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer.

How long does a session last?

I offer either a 60 minute or 90 minute session.

How many sessions will I need?

It’s hard to say. I can usually help my clients get good results in just a few sessions. Some people only need a few sessions and some people come for a few months. We can review our work every few weeks to see how things are going and to make sure you are still getting what you need from counselling.

Is what I tell you kept confidential?

Yes because confidentiality is very important during counselling and anything you tell me will be kept confidential. There are a few exceptions to this which would be if a client tells me that they or someone else is at risk of significant harm, or if I have a legal obligation to. I will explain this further during our first initial session. I have regular supervision and I may discuss our sessions with them and this is to ensure you are getting the most effective counselling I can offer. I do not tell my supervisor any of my clients names, so your identity will be kept confidential.

What can I expect in the first session?

I will know that you are feeling nervous and I will do my best to reassure you and help to feel relaxed.

We begin by discussing the reasons you feel you would like counselling and what you would like to work on. You may not know what you want or need and that’s ok, we can explore that and take it one step at a time.

I understand that making contact with a counsellor and meeting me for the first time can feel scary. You might not know what to say or how to explain what’s going on for you. Please don’t worry. Our first meeting will be very informal and I will be able to help you get to the bottom of what’s troubling you.

Do you have a speciality or niche?

I like to offer general counselling for most difficulties including anxiety, depression, addiction, substance abuse, rape and sexual abuse, emotional abuse etc. I have a special interest/niche in narcissistic, psychological and emotional abuse, and helping people recognize the signs and tactics of manipulative behaviour in others, in order to help clients protect themselves from further abuse within their relationships. I am also passionate about empowering people to discover their true identities, take ownership of their lives, and identify any destructive or toxic relationship patterns that might be preventing them from truly enjoying their lives.

Do you offer anything else?

I have created a 6 week toxic parent recovery program . This program is for anyone that has been in a toxic relationship with a parent and would like to learn more about it and learn how to recover from the long lasting traumatic effects that the relationship has left you with.

The program consists of 6:1 hour psycho-education counselling sessions, over 6 consecutive weeks, that are structured in a way that will help you on your way to overcoming the effects of a toxic relationship with your parent and getting your life back on track.


1 hour initial meeting to discuss if the course is right for you: £45

6 week program: £250
Option to pay £125 when you begin and £125 after week three.

What qualifications do you have?

Certificate in Telephone and Text Helpline Support for Child and Adult Survivors of Sexual Violation

Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Therapy

Transactional Analysis TA 101

Counselling Skills Level 3

Counselling Skills Level 2

NVQ Level 3 Care

What training and experience do you have?

For my counselling training I worked with clients with drug and alcohol addiction for two years. Other areas I have experience of working with are: anxiety, carer support, confidence building, dementia, depression, family issues, loss, low self esteem, panic attacks, passive aggressive behaviours, postnatal depression, PTSD, relationships, shame, stress, suicidal thoughts, toxic shame, trauma.

I have recently completed a lengthy training course on the topic of rape and sexual abuse for my volunteer role for a charity for survivors.

I have also worked in elderly care including dementia and end of life cancer care for many years, and I often teach the many physical and mental health benefits of dance.