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Do you feel like you are living with the consequences of bad parenting?

Do you think you were treated badly or unfairly during your childhood by your parent?

Does your parent still treat you badly even though you are an adult?

Does your parent ever give you the silent treatment?

Does all this still affect you today, and you can’t stop thinking about the way they treated you?

Does this leave you feeling confused and with a low self esteem, but you don’t know what to do about it or how to get over it?

Have you been googling ‘narcissism’ and ‘toxic parents’ to try to understand what’s going on with your mum or dad?

If so, then you might be feeling really hurt and alone, confused, frustrated and unable to see a way out or how things can change.

Hi I’m Mel

I’m a therapist and I specialise in helping my clients understand, heal and recover from a toxic relationship with a narcissistic parent.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

As a child:

  • You felt like you were never good enough
  • You were told you were too sensitive or dramatic, that you shouldn’t get so upset about things, and that you should just get over it
  • Your parent seemed wrapped up in themselves and their life
  • Your parent didn’t seem to care about your feelings
  • You felt like you were to blame if things went wrong or your parent was upset
  • Your parent gave you the silent treatment
  • Your parent was very controlling and manipulative
  • Your parent had an addiction or a mental health issue that took over their life, which meant you didn’t get the love and care you deserved
  • You were made to feel bad or wrong if you got upset
  • Your needs weren’t met

As an adult:

  • You still feel like you are not good enough
  • You feel confused, anxious, sad in your relationship with your parent
  • You have a low self esteem and low self worth
  • You feel like whatever you do is never good enough
  • You have a need to self isolate and self soothe
  • You are still being told that you are too sensitive or dramatic, that you shouldn’t get so upset, and you should just ‘get over it’
  • Your parent puts you down, and never celebrates your achievements
  • Conversations go around in circles and leave you feeling confused and upset
  • You sometimes doubt your perception of events, and feel like you are going crazy
  • You struggle to make decisions and have difficulty trusting your gut instinct or intuition
  • Your parent never takes responsibility for their behaviour, instead blaming you or others for their problems or the way things have turned out
  • Your parent is very critical, manipulative, controlling and tells lies
  • Your parent rewrites history whenever you talk about the past
  • They still don’t seem to care about your feelings or your needs
  • Your parent mocks, belittles, and gets angry with you when you try to stand up for yourself
  • You feel like you are the one parenting them
  • They still give you the silent treatment
  • You don’t understand your parents behaviour and you wonder if your parent might have a mental health issue

I can help you to:

  • No longer feel confused or question your parents behaviour because you will learn exactly what’s been going on and why they behave the way they do
  • Finally make sense of your childhood
  • Learn why you feel the way you do
  • Make sense of your experiences
  • Learn new strategies on how to handle things with your parent differently
  • Learn how to protect yourself from any future toxic relationships
  • Learn how to like yourself and trust yourself again
  • Learn how to recover from the mental health issues this leaves us with like: anxiety, depression, low self esteem, emotional dysregulation, ptsd etc
  • Discover the real you and your true identity
  • Feel better, calmer, stronger, with a new sense of hope for a brighter future

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the testimonials here

Price: £55 per 60 minute session

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