Thinking of Having Counselling?

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If you are thinking of having counselling, you will probably want to know what will happen and how it can help you, and you may even feel anxious about your first session.

Hi I’m Mel and I’m a counsellor, writer, blogger, and course creator. I aim to provide a safe, comfortable and confidential space for you to talk about what’s worrying you and explore your feelings.

Our first session is a time for you to tell me what you are looking for and I can explain how I work and what might be helpful. We can also talk about things like confidentiality, cost, number of sessions, and then we can decide whether we would like to work together and if so, book some weekly sessions.

Some clients want to focus on a certain problem or situation, and once this has changed they want to stop having counselling, which is fine. Others might be struggling with difficulties from childhood or a traumatic event, and they want to explore that and go deeper, in which case the work can be more long term.

As an integrative counsellor I can use many different types of counselling approaches. Some clients want to talk things through and understand what’s happened to them, and others might want to learn to communicate better or learn how to deal with the emotions that are causing them problems.

Counselling can help you understand yourself better and the way you think, and this can help you develop a clearer understanding of your problems. The more armed with information you are, the easier it becomes to navigate your way through any difficulties you are facing so that eventually you can come out the other side feeling more positive and able to take better care of yourself. Counselling can also help you understand other people’s point of view better, which can shed light onto the way you interpret words or actions.

I can offer general counselling for most difficulties and I also have experience, specialist training and interest in: addiction, substance abuse, rape and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, boundary setting, and understanding manipulative behaviour. I have a special interest/niche in narcissistic abuse, and helping people recognize the signs and tactics of manipulative behaviour in others, in order to help clients protect themselves from further abuse within their relationships. I am also passionate about empowering people to discover their true identities, take ownership of their lives, and identify any destructive or toxic relationship patterns that might be preventing them from truly enjoying their lives.

Other areas I have experience of working with are: anxiety, carer support, confidence building, dementia, depression, family issues, loss, low self esteem, panic attacks, passive aggressive behaviours, postnatal depression, PTSD, relationships, shame, stress, suicidal thoughts, toxic shame, trauma.

If this sounds good to you, then please get in touch and we can take it from there.


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